Hi, I’m Michael

Frew Man Chew

  ….. but most people seem to want to call me “Frew”.

And I’m ok with that.

I’m also an entrepreneur, writer, mentor, educator and frequent traveler.

Why would anyone read an About page about me? So glad you asked…

The Cliffsnotes Answer : My passion is helping people visualize a better future and then taking that dream and creating a plausible, step-by-step, achievable roadmap to reach that goal.

After almost 20 years working for large and small companies in tons of different countries in dozens of different markets, I’ve learned a thing or two about what it takes to be successful in the world today.

I’m fascinated with helping my friends and colleagues reach the next phase of their career by leveraging my experiences, mistakes, and social network.

Whether that be with their current job, with a new job, or changing careers altogether.

My Most Recent Stretch Goals

Stretch Goal : Work and Live Overseas : (Completed) – When I say work overseas, I don’t mean like “Quit my job and go teach English to kids in Korea” type of work.  I mean do real, career enhancing work overseas in a foreign country.

How could I make that happen?  I was only 25 years old.  Large Multi-Nationals don’t hire 25 year olds and pay for them to move overseas.  So I made a plan to get a degree in International Business, executed it, and now live in Europe working for a large company on their Global Risk Management profile.

Stretch Goal : Establish Corporate Graduates Community – (In Progress) – I have set a goal is to build a community of like-minded colleagues who have left – or are in the process of leaving – their corporate careers to create new, mostly entrepreneurial, ventures.  We will capitalize on the skills we learned in the corporate world to start our own businesses, create our own products and services, and build completely new professional lives.

Stretch Goal Create an Online Training for Building Cloud-Based SaaS Companies (In Progress) – I have also set a goal to create a training curriculum to teach people to build awesome, sustainable, and profitable businesses that they can manage from anywhere.

Sound fun and exciting? You bet! If any of these projects sound like something you’re also interested in, I encourage you to reach out via email.

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