The Frew

I'm an Entrepreneur, Writer, Investor, and Frequent Traveler.

...and a collector of random personal statistics...

  • 18 Years of Technical Business Experience
  • 10 Career W-2's and a Handful of 1099's
  • 6 Years Overseas in the Technology Sector
  • 5 Universities, but only 2 degrees
  • 4 Private Equity Investments in IT
  • All Your Base Are Belong To Us
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Here’s What I’m Working On

My main focus currently is enabling people to explore opportunities to launch their own business, adventure, or life journey using their current and prior experience, talents, and inner drive.  I’m working on multiple projects in support of that goal, to include practical business training, road-map and goal setting, and entrepreneurial education.

Online training systems and workshops to help individuals build stand along businesses based in the cloud that allow for more creativity, freedom, and control over their lives. I am currently designing and creating a training course for clients to create their own SaaS-based companies online. The goal is for this training to be completed by the end of 2014.

STEM Coaching sounds like an illness, but trust me, it’s nothing contagious.  I’m a mentor and career coach for people in the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics professions. Specifically, I help individuals with technical backgrounds create their own businesses based on the skills they’ve acquired at their previous jobs.

Corporate Graduates is a community of individuals who have left – or are planning to leave – their corporate careers to create new, mostly entrepreneurial, ventures. They capitalize on the skills they learned in the corporate world to start their own businesses, create their own products and services, and build completely new professional lives.

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This Case Study was completed following one of my Career Coaching projects in late 2012. For more information on TheFrew Career Coaching, just click here! The Problem: When I met Alexander, he had been a senior Information Technology professional for close to 15 years, serving as Director of IT for a Financial Services company and as [...]
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It’s Better To Have An Epiphany Than One Forced Upon You

“The sure sign of an amateur is he has a million plans and they all start tomorrow.” – Steven Pressfield from “Turning Pro”

At what point in history could you come up with an idea and start a business the same day? When could you take that idea and prove that people would buy it within a week? At what point could you accept revenue before you create a product to sell? When could you have dozens of specialists design every aspect of your product, marketing plan, and sales funnel for less than the cost of 3 credit hours of community college?

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The corporate ladder is now the least interesting prospect in a person’s career  — simply because it takes too long. - Chris Brogan from “The Freaks Shall Inherit the Earth”

An alternative philosophy has gained momentum in parallel with the decrease in need for corporate employees. It emphasizes that one should – not could – but should earn money outside of the corporate career path. That one should work from any location at any time of day. That one should work hard on their own terms and build a life they want in a career that matters.

“Coach, you can play me or not play me, but I’m only going to be here four years. And then I’ve got things to do with my life.” - Pat Tillman from “Where Men Win Glory”

Nobody can teach you how to leave your corporate career tomorrow, but we can help you leave sooner. Learn from our experiences that cost us months of time, money, and reputation. Practical advice from other Corporate Graduates that left their careers to create their own businesses.

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